Stuart Sutcliffe. The Lost Beatle.


ClientBBC4, Iambic

Project elements:
Stuart Sutcliffe


Before the screaming teenage girls, the international fame, and before Ringo, the Beatles were five. With a line-up of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Pete Best, and Stuart Sutcliffe, the Beatles began touring Germany in 1960. There they found their first tastes of fame and Sutcliffe found an all-consuming love with artist Astrid Kircherr.
After the band’s second trip to Hamburg, Sutcliffe stayed with Kircherr and began studying at the Hamburg State Art College, thereby quitting what would become the most famous band in the world. As the popularity of the band grew, Sutcliffe’s health and sanity declined and in 1962 he suffered a seizure, slipped into a coma and died in the arms of his lover.
Interviews with Kircherr, location filming, archive footage, along with intimate letters, poetry, and artwork, reconstruct moments from the life of the young artist and musician, known as The Lost Beatle.

Kiss My Pixel created all the digital rostrum, titles and graphics sequences for this intimate film, using photography alongside Stuart’s own work, letters & artifacts to create an atmospheric environment which was seen whilst hearing Stuart's own words and thoughts on his inspirational yet tragic life.

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