Animals Behaving Badly. Natural History Series.



Animals Behaving Badly


In this new three part BBC One series that focusses on the science behind animal behaviour, Liz Bonnin meets experts and animals from around the world and reveals the science behind their extraordinary survival tactics. She explores how mongooses start turf wars to find new mates; how macaques will kidnap babies to curry favour; and in the American plains, she finds out why promiscuity in prairie dogs might be essential to reproductive success. With behaviours like these it seems some animals are re-writing the rulebook. But as Liz discovers, it could also be the key to their survival.

Episode 1 shows on BBC One at 8pm Wed 18th July
Episode 2 shows on BBC One at 8pm Wed 25th July
Episode 3 shows on BBC One at 8pm Wed 1st August


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