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Return To..


Narrated by Robert Webb, ”Return to…” is a light-hearted and populist thirty-part BBC2 series looking back at seven famous “Docu-Soaps” produced between 1996 and 2000.

The popular characters featured throughout each series were re-shot with master interviews, observational documentary and new actuality to help reflect upon their experiences and where their lives are today. The series uncovered the reasons behind the arguments and revealed more about what went on behind the scenes.

The graphics task was to keep the series humorous, using a repertoire of visual connections, sarcasm, play-on-words and tongue-in-cheek gags; interpreted through a series of chapter-based stings, which were to appear every few minutes.
This alongside, two versions of the title sequences (cut-down versions for latter week editions) Credits, Astons and branding amassed more than an hours worth of animation; enough for a short film!

The budget was very tight; considering the quantity of content, but Kiss My Pixel very quickly created a branded style which seamlessly mixed into the live action chapters and helped create a new humorous perspective on the re-cut archive.

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