All About Dung.

Type90 Min Special

ClientThe History Channel, Icon Films

Project elements:
All About Dung


All About Dung follows host Monty Halls, as he investigates the medical, historical, scientific and evolutionary importance of dung on an extraordinary safari guaranteed to fascinate even the most squeamish of viewers.

In the programme Monty discovers that a 14,000-year-old human dung deposit proves humans inhabited North America 1300 years earlier than previously thought. He climbs a 100-foot mountain of bat guano in Borneo that is teeming with insect life and even drinks coffee made from cat poop!

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to stylise, brand and produce a series of HD graphics that helped to explain various complicated issues such as; Indian dung irrigation techniques, DNA strands, an elephants digestive system and even Dung Dynamite!

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