Picture Book. An Illustrated History of Children’s Literature.

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Picture Book


Following the success of 'Comics Britannia', Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to creatively direct Picture Book; a three-part series for BBC4 celebrating the world of children's books.
Picture Book BBC

Each programme was styled from the first frame to the last, creating stylized interview environments, dynamic parallax sequences and special effects, styling / grading all digital rostrum, live action and archive, astons and credits.

Interviews and archive were embedded within the book world and the book illustrations themselves were used as devices to create seamless and flowing sequences.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin….

PICTURE BOOK is about the magical interplay of words and pictures and how that shapes our childhood imagination.

PICTURE BOOK explains how, as we begin to grow up, our relationship with words and pictures comes to be central to how we make sense of the world.

PICTURE BOOK is a journey made in the company of the fictional characters many of us, as adults, still love best. This is the story of our reading from first picture books like Noddy and Thomas the Tank Engine, through Winnie the Pooh and Roald Dahl, and onto to the more grown up writing of JRR Tolkein and Philip Pullman.

In PICTURE BOOK a stellar cast of writers, artists and critics are interviewed to explain why the books of our childhood remain forever our favourite things.

And PICTURE BOOK is as much about the brilliant illustration in children’s books as it is about great writing – and is told in a unique way. Using the techniques developed on the BBC4 hit series COMICS BRITANNIA, the same production team place emphasis not only on the words but also on the pictures which are often the gateway to the imaginary worlds of childhood.

By exploring books through the illustrations that bring them to life,
PICTURE BOOK charts how our collective imagination has been moulded from innocence to experience.

Each of the three programmes in PICTURE BOOK explores a particular stage of childhood and reading, showing the fascination and love for books we have from the cradle to the cusp of adolescence.

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