Backstairs Billy. 60 Minute HD Special.


This HD film offered an exclusive insight into the private world of Clarence House and more significantly its key servant; William Tallon, the royal butler to the Queen Mother (or Page of the Backstairs to give him his proper title). From his powerful and exalted position, Backstairs Billy, as he came to be known, saw and heard everything; and despite huge cash offers, he never spilled the beans. This sensitive film tells Billy’s story from its humble start to his sudden death.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to produce various graphic sequences, to help brand and style the programme whilst dealing with some very restrictive and sensitive copyright issues. Various letters, only available in degraded photocopy condition were reconditioned and set in scenes to help the viewer ‘lose’ themselves in the correspondence, whilst also adhering to very restraining copyright legislation; not being able to see many of the letters in their entirety. Parallax was used in some cases to bring digital rostrum to life, and a film effect and grade were designed to help emphasise the various different eras of the film.

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