Deadly 60 - Series 1.

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“Deadly 60” is a twenty part series following Steve Backshall (The Really Wild Show, Expedition Borneo, Springwatch Tracker) in his most daring adventure to date; he's traveling to six continents to find the “Deadly 60”.
From lethal beauties to killer beasts, from the unseen to the unexpected, 60 unique creatures from the four corners of the globe all have one thing in common... they are all deadly!
This ground-breaking series will see Steve delve in to the habitats of scorpions, hunting dogs, stingrays, tiger snakes, red back spiders, kookaburras, sloth bears and giant centipedes, on an adventure of a lifetime that will take him to South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, India, Europe and North and South America.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to create a graphic brand to package this style conscious series. Each of the killer species were analyzed in a graphics environment, set in a ‘top trumps’ fashion and profiling; characteristics, latin identification, form and habitat, through rankings and 3D graphic interpretation.

The whole series was packed with graphic identity throughout, using titles, stings, transitions, graphic comparisons, bespoke incidentals, astons and custom end credits.

The success of Deadly 60 created many special edition ‘spin-offs’ episodes as extra features, consequently bespoke editions of all of the graphics seen throughout the series were re-created to help enhance this.

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