River Monsters.

TypeSeries x 7 - 2009 to date

ClientIcon Films / Animal Planet

Project elements:


Did a school of piranha devour flesh down to the bone of a busload of passengers that crashed in an Amazonian river? Did a huge catfish attack a teenager in a German lake? Over the ages, myths have been spun that fish have actually preyed on man. These legends have found their way into tales, literature and folklore.

Biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade travels worldwide to solve these freshwater mysteries.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to create a graphic brand to package the series. Each episode contains graphic profiles of all the potential killers, analysing size comparisons, specific predation techniques and the specimens biology and range. ISF Plates, Stings, Bumpers and branded astons were also designed to complete the package.

This very successful title is now in its seventh series.


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