Natural Born Hunters.


Natural Born Hunters is a fresh look at top predators in the animal kingdom, looking at how lethal creatures survive a typical day. their instincts, speed, tactics and luck can mean the difference between life and death.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to produce the opening titles sequence and content graphics for this exciting CBBC series. The graphics had to be fun and captivating as well as easily absorbed to meet the series demographic of a younger audience.

Bespoke graphics, 3D models and animations were created to convey the anatomy and behavior of the animals. Content graphics were created to cover various aspects such as; location changes, radar, heat vision, skeleton form, smell senses, sound perception, speed values and energy levels amongst many more.

Complimenting the bespoke requirements, Kiss My Pixel were also commissioned to produce a set of working templates for the production team to use whilst in edit. These needed to be heavily styled and sophisticated to adapt to many situations portraying key information in a styled and branded approach. Key criteria were covered using these adaptable templates such as Energy Fuel Levels (key to the series ethos), astons, transitions, recaps and series vignette styling.

DVD sleeves and disc designs were also generated to continue the brand across all media.

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