Human Planet.


Human Planet

Human Planet is an award winning (2 Baftas) eight-part landmark BBC natural history series about the most amazing species of them all. An epic record of man's survival in the most extreme environments; with each episode focusing on one environment and how the people and tribes who live there adapt to their surroundings: oceans, deserts, arctic, jungles, mountains, grasslands, rivers and cities.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to design the brand identity for Human Planet; creating the series ‘brand guidelines’ (distributed to press, developers and investors) and applying these concepts to the opening sequences, interstitials, astons & credits of each film. Kiss My Pixel were also commissioned to design and produce a new considered approach to subtitling.

The opening titles sequences were bespoke for each episode, reflecting the specific environment of each habitat. The title premise was continued through "the making of" films aptly called “Behind the Lens”.

Kiss My Pixel worked closely with the production on the series use of subtitles. Traditionally, translated subtitles have been placed onto the lower sections of shots, drawing the viewers eyes away so that little appreciation can be made of the visuals.
The approach for Human Planet was to sympathetically frame the type within each shot so that a natural synergy takes place between the words and the moving image.
This technique also allowed us to distinguish between multiple characters, or enhance the mood or emotions of a scene, further reinforcing the Human Planet series’ approach of epic stories intimately told.

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