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Deadly 360


"Deadly 360" is a thirteen part series where Steve Backshall operates a minority report style virtual user interface to navigate through stunning collections of natural history footage, holographics and 3D computer generated models.
Deadly 360>
Each episode looks at three distinctive predators as they battle it out in a climactic race for life against some of the most cunning and resourceful of prey. Steve breaks the action down into understandable sections using cutting edge graphics, maps, magnification, slow motion and rewind techniques. With an impressive line up of real live animals and skeletons in the studio itself Steve is able to delve beneath the fur and feathers to uncover the science behind each animals unique abilities, and how they influence the hunt.

Kiss My Pixel played a key role in getting the series commissioned, from its initial inception, through to storyboards and the final set design. Kiss My Pixel then used various techniques to produce the Deadly 360 series, some of these included; Use of greenscreen, shoot direction, steadycam, special effects, 3D, motion tracking, sound analysis and CGI.

A new logo and title sequence were created including live action footage and animated creatures in a stylised environment. By designing the studio from scratch Kiss My Pixel were able to create a fully immersive virtual environment to follow the exhilarating hunts to their conclusions. Built from high quality materials the set was constructed using greenscreen panels and set in a 360 formation, this provided a beautiful base to map the user interface onto. This also gave Steve the ability to move around the footage, and navigate it virtually using various hand gestures. The studio also contains a podium in the centre, which Steve can use to show live animals or props and project 3D computer generated models.

The entire series was produced using the virtual user interface, and Kiss My Pixel worked on every shot in the series; integrating the Deadly 360 brand throughout.

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