Bear Grylls Wild Weekends.

Type2 Part Series

ClientChannel 4 - Dragonfly

Project elements:
Bear Grylls Wild Weekends


In this two-part mini series, world-renowned adventurer and SAS survival expert Bear Grylls takes household names Miranda Hart and Jonathan Ross on their very own adventure of a lifetime. Across the freezing cold Swiss Alps and the dense jungle of the La Palma in the Canary Islands Bear guides and teaches these British Celebrities through the ways of the wilderness.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to produce the graphics for the series, including the opening titles sequence, advert bumpers and maps. The graphics had to convey the sense of adventure throughout the program and give it a distinctive and consistent identity. Bespoke comic book style illustrations were created to give the program an accessible, yet dangerous look and feel which complimented the telling of their adventures.

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