Land of the Lost Wolves.


ClientBBC1, Discovery

Project elements:
Land of the Lost Wolves


At a time when wildlife is disappearing across the planet, one animal is making a comeback - the wolf.

Wolves were wiped out across much of America, with more than a million wolves estimated to have been shot, poisoned or trapped when European settlers arrived. This enthralling series captured the return of one very special wolf pack to the snowy peaks of Washington's Cascade Mountains, encroaching on Seattle and the first to return to the American Northwest in 70 years.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to produce the opening titles sequence and content graphics for this high profile BBC series. The titles needed focus on the edginess brought about by the conflict, mystery and mythology surrounding the wolf. The branding also needed to retain some of the characteristics of previous successful “Expeditions” series; Lost Land of the Tiger, Lost Land of the Volcano, Expedition Borneo, Lost Land of the Jaguar and Pacific Abyss (all series graphically packaged by Kiss My Pixel).

3D Maps were created to cover the global aspect as well as tight local locations; helping viewers to understand the geography and journey of the team.
Authentic data from various sources were also interpreted and communicated through the maps showing accurate wolf sightings, populations, migration routes and historical habitats.

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