The Dark.


TDThis illuminating natural history series reveals a totally new perspective on wildlife at night. Over six months, a team of biologists and specialist camera crew explore the length of South and Central America to find out how animals have adapted to life in the dark. Featuring biologist Dr George McGavin, cameraman Gordon Buchanan and nighttime camera specialist Justine Evans; the team explore areas from snow-capped mountains through dense dark jungle to sparse desert, revealing natures nocturnal life-cycle.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to produce the opening branding and content graphics for this mysterious high profile BBC series. The titles had to provoke an evocative outlook for the series; featuring the great unknown, the nocturnal intrigue set against the fear and total wonder of life's cycle in The Dark.

3D high definition ‘Planet Maps’ were also created to cover global wide visions, helping viewers to understand the geography and journey of the teams across Central and South America.

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