Winter Viruses & How To Beat Them.


Winter Viruses

Each year in the winter months millions of us come down with common colds, influenza, and gastric problems caused by viruses, with these regular illnesses often having the potential to become lethal. Professor Alice Roberts and Dr Michael Mosley report on the latest outbreaks around the nation and, with the help of leading virologists, find out what viruses do to our bodies, examine how they spread and offer advice on what people can do to stay fit and healthy for the rest of the winter.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to produce the branding, 3D animations and graphic sequences for the programme, often having to use scientific data and references to produce accurate renditions of the various viruses featured within the programme.

The graphics were versioned prior to shooting, to be used within the set design and edit, for use on; screens, laptops, gobo light rigs, and even the set itself.

Data needed to be analyzed and then accurately animated and portrayed in the branded graphic style, whist also being turned around in a very tight timescale so that the latest data and research could be included in the ‘near-live’ experience.

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