DIY SOS is a well-established, award winning BBC series where a contestant’s house is visited and renovated by the DIY SOS team. The team consists of tradesmen, such as electricians, plumbers, designers and plasterers, fronted and occasionally assisted in their works by presenter Nick Knowles.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to re-brand the DIY SOS series; designing a fresh new approach which features the characters and their quirky personalities, whilst retaining its core values and ideas.

A new brand was created and integrated into a new titles sequence, opening tease approach, graphic devices, stings and credits; all featuring a tongue-in-cheek approach, portraying the characters as the hero’s and putting a face to the DIY SOS brand.

The live action sequences, featuring the cast, were all filmed green-screen on high-speed cameras and consequently composited to mimic classic film hero moments, featuring their individuals skills, identities and equipment. Twenty-five individual stings were then created to intercut the live action titles sequence; keeping each programmes opening tease fresh and unique.

HD templates were also created so that the editors could quickly use a kit of graphic parts to help them communicate each episodes requirements, plans and interstitials.