Embarrassing Bodies Live

Maverick TV for Channel 4

In the return of this ground-breaking Channel 4 series; ‘Embarrassing Bodies: Live From the Clinic’ continued its interactive experience demonstrating doctors providing live consultations to as many viewers as possible via Skype.

The new series also took things a step further; viewers with an iPhone or iPad were also able to download a free app, called MyHealthChecker, which enabled audiences to carry out simple tests such as colour blindness. According to figures from Channel 4, the first series resulted in savings for the NHS of £400,000 and more than 450,000 people had already registered with MyHealthChecker when the series transmitted, which enables users to take a variety of medical checks, get advice on how to improve their health and compare their results anonymously with other users.

Kiss My Pixel were commissioned to produce a new brand identity for this innovative format that better reflected the pioneering aspect of the show alongside its established outlook and premise. Embarrassing Bodies was already a very successful format for Channel 4, with more than 12 million visitors to its website alone. Providing a new brand and fresh approach yet reflecting this success was Kiss My Pixel’s challenge.

A new titles sequence was shot on RED Epic in a green screen studio, stylishly compositing an Embarrassing Bodies sequence as silhouettes and tritone crushed grades. Pre-composed live style sequences were produced to add a live format to the shows stings and interstitials, and additional branded sequences were produced to run within the live set design, extending the new branded look across the programme.